On-Site Module Testing Services

On-Site Module Testing Services

GridLynk together with the worldwide partner network has established a unique expertise in high volume on site PV module testing. Increasing the number of testing panels during post shipment inspection to AQL general inspection level || holds a significantly better chance to detect panels with breakage in the cell area (micro craks).

These breakages are mostly due to improper transport and handling and many modules with brakage escape the test because of to low testing volumes in the past.

We have acquired the necessary technologies for on-site testing and together with our partners. We have established a process to provide the testing in a highly precise but still cost efficient way.

Quality testing at a high through put are the major advantages when ordering testing services from us . The detailed test reports and our extensive Knowledge optained through module testing over the last years will help you to gain the most out of the collected data.

We test new panels on arrival at the harbor, on the installation site or in alredy operational power plants needing verification.

We focus on on-site lab quality testing of unmounted panels and high resolution EL inspection of mounted/installed panels. For both setups we have the most advanced moblie technology available.

Experts for on-site testing of PV modules beforre and after installation

innovative inspection services for on-site testing


  • Precise mesurements
  • Fastest throughput
  • Detailed reporting
  • Global partner network
Services On Site Mobil Lab testing
Test method A+A+A Flash, HighRes EL, IR, HiPot
EL resolution 20 Mpixel -300 μm/pixel
Test approach loose panels before/after installation
IEC 60904 complaint yes
Throunghput up to 400 panels per day

Grid Lynk Solar LLP

The business is the brainchild of Late Shri. Ramdas Agarwal, a born entrepreneur, three-time Member of Parliament,adistingished social figure in the country and avisionary whose long and marvellous contribution in the mining industry spanning not just across various states in the country but also in the Middle East. His commitment towards the business has won him several laurels and prestigious ‘Work Safety Award’ from the President of India.

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