Industry Outlook

Industry Outlook

Begun as far back as in the mid 70’s solar photovoltics programme of the Government of India is one of the largest in the World.
•As of 30 June 2017 , the country ‘s solar grid hada cumulative capacity of 13.11GW.
•Reliefs offered by government on SPV manufacturers and users of SPV based products :
*Soft loans to users, intermediaries and manufacturers.
*Government has setup National Institute of Solar Energy for coordination and R&D in Solar Energy

Most parts of India receive good solar radiation 4- 7 kWh/sq. m/day
Possible to meet growing energy demands and cover deficit areas
Can substantially reduce consumption of kerosene and diesel for lighting and power generation
Provide access and empowerment at grass root level
•Initiative of the GOI and State Government to promote Solar Power in India.
•Inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 11.01.2010 with 20GW as target
•Later increased by Narendra Modi government to 100GW in 2015 Union Budget.
•Objective of the mission was to establish India as the global leader in solar energy.
•The mission target was to be achieved in three phases.
* First Phase- 2010-2013 * Second Phase- 2014-2017 * Third Phase – 2017-2022
•Solar generation capacities have increased from 2.650MW in 2014 to 12,288.83 MW in 2017

Grid Lynk Solar LLP

The business is the brainchild of Late Shri. Ramdas Agarwal, a born entrepreneur, three-time Member of Parliament,adistingished social figure in the country and avisionary whose long and marvellous contribution in the mining industry spanning not just across various states in the country but also in the Middle East. His commitment towards the business has won him several laurels and prestigious ‘Work Safety Award’ from the President of India.

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