There has been a visible impact of renewable energy in the Indian energy scenario during the last five years. Renewable energy sector landscape in India has, during the last few years, witnessed tremendous changes in the policy framework with accelerated and ambitious plans to increase the contribution of solar energy. There is a perception that renewable energy can now play a significant role, as also, there is a confidence in the technologies and capacity to do so. Enlarging the scope of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission symbolizes both, and indeed encapsulates the vision and ambition for the future.

• 10 Day Hands-on Training of Solar Photo-Voltaic (GRDL001)
o Industry Outlook & Future
o Solar Photo-Voltaic Basics
o System Design & Sizing
o Safety Guidelines
o Software – PVSyst & PV*SOL
o Hands-On Installation of
 5kW On-Grid System
 3kW Off-Grid System
o Government Policies & Subsidies
o Economic Analysis (Costing, Breakeven, etc.)
o Inspection, Testing & Commissioning

• 5 Day Operations & Maintenance (GRD002) {Pre-requisite GRDL001}
o Importance of O&M
o Instruments &Equipment used in O&M Practices
o Preventive Maintenance
o Corrective Maintenance
o Unplanned Maintenance
o Real Time Monitoring
o On-Site Inspections
o Hands-On training in an actual site

• 5 Day Solar PV Power Plant Software Training (GRDL003)
o Basics of SPV & System Design
o Introduction & Practice Session of PVSyst
o Introduction& Practice Session of PV*SOL
o Introduction & Practice Session of Helioscope by Folsoms Lab
o Introduction & Practice Session of AutoCAD

Grid Lynk Solar LLP

The business is the brainchild of Late Shri. Ramdas Agarwal, a born entrepreneur, three-time Member of Parliament,adistingished social figure in the country and avisionary whose long and marvellous contribution in the mining industry spanning not just across various states in the country but also in the Middle East. His commitment towards the business has won him several laurels and prestigious ‘Work Safety Award’ from the President of India.

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